Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you're going to Camp Like a Girl then you have to decide what type of camping suits you.

Tent? Trailer? Million dollar motorcoach?- Ha!

I grew up camping in tents - sleeping on the tent floor, on sleeping bags, on top of an air mattress, next to my little brother who was only slightly housebroke (more later).

As a 50ish menopausal woman who camps mostly in TEXAS I decided on a trailer - an airconditioned trailer. Hey we don't call this site Camp Like a Girl for nothing!

I initially decided on a vintage trailer. I had a blast searching for one on trips, online, and everyday in the newspapers. It was a group effort. Friends and family were on the look-out as well.

I was shameless. If I saw a trailer I would just stop and ask if it was for sale. I made lots of new friends but no purchases. There were either people living in the trailers, or were operating a business from them (seriously) or they needed way too many repairs.

I was feeling a little discouraged until I met Nina who owned a Scamp Trailer. ( It wasn't vintage but she had it decorated very cute. She also told me it required minimal upkeep. Sounded like the perfect fit.

I looked for weeks and finally found one on the side of the road only 30 minutes from home. The owners were an adorable older couple who had taken very good care of it. It had a potty, a shower, a tiny fridge and a darling cooktop - that I vowed never to use. It felt like a dream come true to actually have my very own little trailer. It was perfect for me - small, clean, and easy to pull with the car I already owned. I loved it... only problem was so did everyone else - more on that later too!

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